DaVita Opens Its Doors to Hurricane Laura Evacuees Needing Dialysis
DaVita urges patients to have an emergency plan in place for dialysis treatment

LAKE CHARLES, La., Aug. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to Hurricane Laura, DaVita Kidney Care has opened its dialysis centers in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi to anyone who needs treatment, regardless of where those patients normally receive dialysis.

"Dialysis isn't optional, it is life sustaining. Dialysis patients' care can't be put on hold, even during a hurricane," said Dr. Jeffrey Giullian, chief medical officer for DaVita. "Uninterrupted access to care is even more important during the pandemic, when missing a single treatment can greatly weaken a dialysis patient's immune system."

DaVita is currently coordinating care for nearly 700 dialysis patients under mandatory evacuation. As part of this effort, the health care provider is helping evacuated patients get treatment at its centers in inland areas.

How to Get Help
In the coming days, patients and their loved ones can visit Blogs.DaVita.com/Emergency-Management for information on center openings during this emergency. Dialysis patients may call DaVita Guest Services at 1-800-400-8331 for help locating dialysis centers and scheduling treatment. If in need of urgent medical care, dial 9-1-1.

For more information on emergency preparedness, visit DaVita.com/EmergencyPreparedness.

Boil Water Advisories in Effect
DaVita is also urging patients to adhere to local boil water advisories in their areas when completing everyday tasks, such as washing hands, showering and cooking. Currently, municipalities in Louisiana's coastal areas are under advisories in anticipation of flooding due to the hurricane.

Clean water is critical for dialysis patients' immune systems. During a boil water advisory, dialysis patients should avoid any contact with non-boiled water due to the elevated infection risk. Patients under advisory should also check with their local dialysis team and clinical professionals prior to exposing any dialysis-related access to municipal water.

Preparing for Hurricane Laura
In the days leading up to Hurricane Laura's landfall, DaVita activated its emergency response plan in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. DaVita's 1,700 local teammates in areas with expected impact prepared nearly 150 centers and thousands of patients ahead of the storm. DaVita deployed water tankers, fuel tankers, generators, additional supplies and medication to help ensure that centers can begin treating patients in impacted areas as soon as possible.

DaVita's national emergency management team is currently managing and coordinating support efforts for dialysis centers in affected areas and routing patients to locations that can safely provide care.

DaVita has been communicating evacuation information with its patients and coordinating with other dialysis and health care providers, including hospitals, to help ensure continuity of care for all patients needing dialysis. The kidney care provider will help track where patients will be transferred and hold regularly scheduled check-ins with local teams to help coordinate the care of those who are impacted.

About DaVita
DaVita (NYSE: DVA) is a health care provider focused on transforming care delivery to improve quality of life for patients globally. The company is one of the largest providers of kidney care services in the U.S. and has been a leader in clinical quality and innovation for more than 20 years. Through DaVita Kidney Care, the company treats patients with chronic kidney failure and end stage kidney disease. DaVita is committed to bold, patient-centric care models, implementing the latest technologies and moving toward integrated care offerings for all. Through these efforts, DaVita has also become the largest provider of home dialysis in the country. As of June 30, 2020, DaVita served 205,300 patients at 2,795 outpatient dialysis centers in the United States. The company also operated 287 outpatient dialysis centers in ten countries worldwide. DaVita has reduced hospitalizations, improved mortality, and worked collaboratively to propel the kidney care industry to adopt an equitable and high-quality standard of care for all patients, everywhere. To learn more, visit DaVita.com/About.

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