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Nephrology Care Is the Ideal Nursing Career Launchpad — And One DaVita Leader Is Determined to Prove It

For DaVita National Director of Nursing Services, Kristi Ricord, the commitment to care extends beyond...



DaVita Reimagines Education Benefits with Bridge to Your Dreams Nursing School Program

Registered Nurse Carlos Vedia loves his job, and he’s ready to shout about it. “I tell everyone I know they should work in kidney care!” laughs the...

Clinical Care

Home Dialysis Patient Finds Strength Through Family and Care Team on Path to Transplant

DaVita CEO Javier Rodriguez sits down with Kevin Crandle to learn more about his journey and how he thinks about the support he has in his life...

DaVita In the News

American Diabetes Association Focuses on Prevention of Kidney Disease through Collaboration with DaVita

The American Diabetes Association® (ADA), along with DaVita, are excited to announce the launch of an interactive digital experience aimed at helping...

Care Delivery

Kidney Smart Education Tied to Improved Health Outcomes for Patients

A recently published paper by DaVita Clinical Research (DCR) in Kidney Medicine Journal shows that individuals who attend a kidney education program...


DaVita Clinical Research Finds Racial Disparity in Kidney Transplantation—But Not Transplant Referral

Kidney failure affects Black individuals at four times the rate of white individuals in the U.S., but fewer Black patients are...

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