Virtual Support Groups Create Community for DaVita Home Dialysis Patients
Company helps home dialysis patients stay connected, feel supported through DaVita Care Connect® app

DENVER, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- DaVita Kidney Care, a leading provider of home dialysis, launched virtual support groups through DaVita Care Connect®, a mobile health platform designed for home dialysis patients, to help create community and belonging for those treating at home.

"Patients treating at home sometimes feel isolated and miss connecting with other people they feel they can relate to, which causes some patients to leave home treatment," said Dr. Martin Schreiber, chief medical officer for DaVita Home Modalities. "By using our virtual platform to connect home patients with one another, we hope to create a sense of community, belonging and extended support."

Led by DaVita Home support specialists, the support groups encourage live, two-way communication between patients to ask questions and share experiences. Sessions are available for DaVita patients at no extra cost and can be scheduled daily or weekly within DaVita Care Connect.

"One way to thrive on home dialysis is by having an outlet to connect directly with other home dialysis patients," said Cassidy Roupe, licensed clinical social worker, national virtual patient support group facilitator for DaVita. "Our virtual support groups provide a community for patients that's available right at their fingertips. Sessions are structured as a safe space for meaningful conversation, where challenges and successes related to treating at home can be discussed and celebrated."

Support specialists and patients cover a wide-range of topics in the sessions, including:

  • What to expect when you're new to home dialysis
  • The path to a kidney transplant
  • Living life to its fullest while on dialysis
  • Balancing family, friends, work and dialysis
  • Stress management

Launching virtual support groups marks another milestone in DaVita's commitment to improve the experience of care for patients at home. DaVita's ongoing investments to strengthen its digital home dialysis platforms have helped patients thrive at home. In fact, more than 50% of DaVita's home patients use its platforms, such as telehealth and home remote monitoring, to experience similar care, confidence and safety as an in-center experience, from the comfort of home.

Offering a convenient, connected and confident experience for patients is at the core of DaVita's home dialysis program. As a pioneer in the kidney care community, DaVita offers a range of innovative solutions to support patients' needs at every stage and setting in their care journey, ensuring seamless continuity of care through life's changes.1

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1 Service provider and modality choice are decisions made exclusively between the patient and their treating nephrologist.

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