Jan 16, 2024
Top 2023 Stories: High-quality care that makes a difference

Throughout the year, DaVita teammates provide life-giving care for patients. Explore these top 2023 stories to discover the impact DaVita’s commitment to delivering high-quality care and creating meaningful connections has had for the people they care for.

DaVita patient Travis gathers with his family, including his wife and two sons, on their home's deck.

Excited Again: Home dialysis helps Travis balance his kidney care with what he loves to do

When Travis discovered that he would need dialysis, his decision to pursue a home treatment option allowed him to continue to prioritize what matters most to him.

‘I Feel Amazing:’ DaVita patient shares how solo home hemodialysis has changed her kidney journey

Vanessa wanted to explore home dialysis but wasn’t sure she was a candidate. Working closely with her nephrologist, Vanessa was able to try home hemodialysis — and it has made a difference in how she cares for herself.

DaVita patient finds hope and support from her care team during her kidney health journey

As Melissa navigated caring for her kidney health through multiple moves, her DaVita care teams provided the support she needed to feel comfortable.

Home dialysis patient receives a second chance at life through a paired kidney exchange

Even though Taiylor’s friend and living donor was not a match for her, he was still able to give her the gift of life. Through paired kidney exchange, Taiylor and her donor were matched with others in similar situations to create a life-giving chain of kidney transplantation.

Making a Difference: DaVita regional home manager reflects on her passion for helping dialysis patients succeed on a home modality

Kimberly Keaveny has held many roles in her 12 years as a DaVita teammate, but the role she took on nearly three years ago has helped fuel her energy for helping patients succeed on home dialysis.