Oct 3, 2023
DaVita is Headed to HLTH! Here’s Where You Can Find Us

Find Us at HLTH

This year, Javier Rodriguez, CEO of DaVita, will return to HLTH to talk about the role value-based care plays in the future of health care. Also speaking at the conference will be Kenny Gardner, chief people officer for DaVita, and Dr. Mahesh Krishnan, group vice president of research and development at DaVita.

Here’s where you can find these leaders at HLTH:

Value-Based Care in a Multi-Payer World

Oct. 9 | 11 a.m. PT
Sun Stage

Value-based care reshapes the way we perceive the healthcare ecosystem, where someone's cost is no longer just another's revenue, but rather a shared investment in a healthier society. Embracing VBC not only fosters cost-efficiency, but also becomes a powerful enabler of health equity, prioritizing patient outcomes above all else. The current state of VBC is still uncertain, and depending on who you ask, we aren’t clear on how much it’s really moved the needle. Are the hurdles of adopting this model in the multi-payer world of healthcare too great to overcome? And does fee-for-service still have a role to play in this evolving landscape? Strikingly, the answer lies in a balanced fusion of the two. To realize a world where healthcare transcends financial barriers, emphasizing quality outcomes and patient-centric care, value-based care will certainly need to play the leading role.


  • Nancy Brown, CEO of the Oak HC/FT


  • Javier Rodriguez, CEO of DaVita, Inc.
  • Jaewon Ryu, CEO of Geisinger and CEO of Risent Health
  • Alisha Alaimo, President and Head of North America of Biogen
  • Kate Ryder, Founder & CEO of Maven


The Future of Work: Building a Culture of Health that Supports and Inspires Your People

Oct. 9 | 11:50 a.m. PT
The Ocean Stage

Building a culture of health is essential for organizations to attract and retain top talent, enhance productivity, creativity and cultivate a positive work environment. By prioritizing the physical, mental and emotional well-being of their people, organizations can create a supportive and inspiring workplace where individuals can thrive and contribute their best work. Hear from several organizations who will cover the key components necessary to create a culture of health that empowers employees and fosters sustainable success.


  • Jonathan Pas, Total Health Management Partner, Mercer


  • Kenny Gardner, Chief People Officer, DaVita
  • Melissa Holthaus, Benefits Director, H&R Block
  • Jill Smith, Vice President, SRS Distribution
  • Eric Cole, Chief Human Resources Officer, Scripps Health


Driving Bold and Meaningful Change at Scale in Business and Health

Oct. 9 | 2:30 p.m. PT
Insights Program

Please note: This conversation is invite-only for a limited audience. Registered attendees can access the content on the HLTH event app approximately 24 hours after the event time.

To succeed at the intersection of health and business requires skills and preparation beyond clinical knowledge, such as building and scaling new frameworks to take on complex healthcare challenges, standing up value-generating innovations, and supporting a sustainable workforce and future. This session will explore both practical and innovative business-building strategies and solutions for reducing risk and costs, increasing operational efficiencies while addressing inequities, reducing health disparities, and improving population outcomes.


  • Dr. Shamiram Feinglass, Former Chief Medical Officer, Danaher Diagnostics & Life Sciences


  • Dr. Mahesh Krishnan, Group Vice President, Research and Development, DaVita
  • Dr. Tanisha Carino, Partner, Brunswick Group
  • Dr. Roy Schoenberg, CEO, Amwell

The full conference agenda is available at https://hlth.com/2023event.