Aug 9, 2022
DaVita Labs Teams Up with House Next Door to Deliver Learning Kits to Florida Youth

With a goal of supporting underserved communities, DaVita Labs collaborated with House Next Door (HND) July 15 for a donation event in DeLand, Florida.

The event was an effort to support HND’s summer Homework Club, which is a free after-school program that primarily helps underserved students at DeLand’s Woodward and Starke Elementary schools. The summer program provides resources for at-home learning, boosting self-esteem, and keeping kids on track for the upcoming school year.

50 interactive learning kits were delivered to HND on July 15, with a total of 250 learning kits being delivered in July through DaVita Labs’ sponsorship. Materials for the learning kits were purchased and packaged by DaVita Labs teammates, with this summer’s kits featuring “Around the World” and “Career Day” themes.

The “Around the World” kits include a map for students to color, international treats, and pencils and notebooks. The “Career Day” kits include a “create your own story” notebook, community helper book—featuring occupations like mayor, mechanic, scientist and farmer—and play money.

Nicole Stumbo, DaVita Labs’ director of learning and development, proposed the sponsorship opportunity to her team’s leadership, hoping to help furnish one week of the summer Homework Club program. The one-week contribution quickly turned into DaVita Labs sponsoring the entire 10-week program.

“Any contribution from DaVita would’ve been great,” said HND CEO, Jennifer Nadelkov. “For us it’s really about the impact that the contribution has, and Nicole (Stumbo) truly understood the impact her team could have, and that’s what was most exciting.”

“Our local communities have given to us in so many ways,” said DaVita Labs vice president, Keri Wagner. “It means a lot to be able to give back in return and know we’re investing in local families and spreading positive ripples in the community.”

In addition to her work with DaVita Labs, Stumbo also serves as a member of HND’s board of directors. Her connection to HND and its overall mission was critical to her understanding of the impact DaVita Labs could have on the summer program and its participants.

“Knowing how much of a gift this would be to HND and the Homework Club, I was overwhelmed with the generosity,” Stumbo said. “When I called Jennifer (Nadelkov) to tell her we were sponsoring all 10 weeks, it was one of those rare moments where you know you’re involved in something that’s much bigger than you.”