DaVita CEO Shares Perspective on the Company’s Recently Announced 2025 ESG Strategy
We aim to create a better future by driving initiatives that most directly impact the whole person—uplifting our patients, teammates and the communities we serve.

A little more than a year ago, we did not yet know to what limits communities around the world would be tested. The events of 2020 ignited a transformative shift in health care toward holistic care and the recognition of the interdependence of our communities.

Nearly two decades ago, DaVita embarked on a mission to make a lasting, positive impact on health care and the lives we touch along the way. Deeply rooted in that mission was an understanding that health care extends beyond the walls of a home, hospital or dialysis center and into a person’s day-to-day life. Since that time, DaVita has approached care holistically. We aim to create a better future by driving initiatives that most directly impact the whole person—uplifting our patients, teammates and the communities we serve.

Today, I’m excited to announce we are uniting these efforts under a cohesive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) platform. Although the concept of ESG is not new to DaVita, organizing in this manner reflects our deep sense of responsibility to help make our world, and those we care for within it, better. Our hope is this next step accelerates momentum and accountability to positively impact those communities we serve.

With a solid foundation to build upon, our ESG platform will focus on five key areas: patient care, teammate engagement, environmental stewardship, healthy communities and leading with integrity and accountability.

When I reflect on holistic care, what’s top of mind for me is the support and companionship our front-line teammates have provided to patients and each other throughout this pandemic. More recently, I have been inspired by the tenacity and professionalism with which our teammates have carried out COVID-19 vaccine distribution—overcoming barriers to help create equitable access for our patients. Because of our teammates’ commitment, our Village remains strong and vibrant.

Yet, COVID-19 and racial injustice have placed an undue burden on communities of color in the United States. As an immigrant to this country, I’ve experienced the disparities. At DaVita, we do not tolerate racism. We believe in the power of diversity. The right to feel a sense of belonging in a community is foundational to advancing social justice and equality.

We recently published our inaugural Diversity & Belonging (D&B) report, which discloses our diversity metrics and roadmap for delivering on our vision of cultivating a diverse community where everyone belongs. We also expanded our portfolio to include health equity and economic mobility. We believe our commitment to D&B and ESG will help set us apart as an employer.

At DaVita, we know the health of our patients is connected to the health of our physical world. The impacts of climate change—including the increased frequency and intensity of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, winter storms and wildfires—continue to jeopardize care delivery for millions of people. In the face of these tragedies, our emergency management teams mobilize volunteers and coordinate safe sites of care not only for our patients but also for any patient—regardless of provider—in need of dialysis treatment.

We are also aware of our own contributions to climate change. Providing life-sustaining kidney care requires the use of resources, including water and energy. To minimize our environmental footprint, we have committed to reducing our carbon footprint by 50% by 2025. For U.S. operations specifically, we will pursue 100% renewable energy through our Power Purchase Agreements established in 2019.

Our beliefs drive our behaviors, and from those behaviors stems action. At DaVita, we believe in the phrase, “One for all.” It signals a commitment from each of us to a greater whole. Together, we have a responsibility to achieve a greater good: to leave behind a better world for future generations.