DaVita Health Solutions Becomes Vively Health™
Vively embodies company's mission to deliver innovative, comprehensive care to the highest risk patients managing multiple chronic conditions

DENVER, Oct. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Vively Health is the new brand of DaVita's next venture in chronic care. Vively provides in-home primary care for the highest-risk, chronically ill patients — a group it refers to as Most Vulnerable Patients (MVPs).

"Vively means 'full of life' or 'lively,' so it evokes the way we want to help our patients feel," said Vively President Hank Schlissberg. "While we now operate as a standalone subsidiary of DaVita, Vively will continue to build on the strong roots established by DaVita Health Solutions as we transform care for MVPs."

Vively Health continues its focus on forming health plan partnerships that improve the quality and cost of care for MVPs. The new name also highlights the team's entrepreneurial spirit for redesigning and delivering a home-based primary care model for high-risk, high-needs patients.

With its refined identity, Vively will advance an innovative suite of offerings that has driven a 91% patient satisfaction rating and 20% lower cost of care.1 The program is differentiated by its: 

  • Full risk medical group with no up-front or ongoing costs to health plans
  • Nearly 20-year track record of exceptional results across markets
  • Comprehensive house calls program, including in-home primary care, palliative care, mental and behavioral health support, medication management and 24/7 clinical access
  • Sophisticated patient selection and predictive analytics to identify the right members based on their expected future condition-related costs
  • Primary care physician and specialist friendly approach working alongside local providers to complement care delivery

To learn more about Vively Health's robust model of care and partnership approach, visit VivelyHealth.com.

About Vively Health
Vively Health delivers home-based primary care to the nation's Most Vulnerable Patients, individuals with an interrelated set of chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, COPD, depression and anxiety. Under full risk arrangements, Vively's community-based, physician-led care teams deliver medical, behavioral, social and palliative care to chronically ill patients within the home. The company's house calls programs have enhanced the lives of thousands of patients with a 91% satisfaction rating; 35-40% reduction in hospitalizations; 10-15% reduction in emergency room visits; and 15-20% reduction in cost of care. Vively leverages nearly 20 years of experience in managing high-risk patients under at-risk arrangements with payors and risk-bearing entities. Vively Health is a standalone subsidiary of DaVita Inc. For more information, visit VivelyHealth.com.

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Ashley Henson

1 Internal analysis of partnership results, June 2018.

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