Nov 1, 2021
Celebrating Diversity & Belonging in the DaVita Village



As the world continues to navigate a global pandemic, I’m continually inspired by our teammates’ strength and compassion for one another and for the patients we serve.

Part of that strength comes from our Village’s diversity—each of us bringing unique backgrounds and uniting under a shared purpose to care for each other with the same intensity in which we care for our patients.

As a Latino American, there have been times in my life when I’ve felt like an outsider—like I didn’t belong. Fortunately, I’ve encountered many people who went out of their way to be welcoming and kind. Those people helped me recognize my potential and supported me on my journey, creating moments that have stuck with me and helped shape my life.

Creating similar moments as well as a place where people feel welcomed, supported and celebrated is essential to DaVita’s culture. That’s why we started a new tradition last year: the Week of Belonging. It offered a much-needed opportunity to pause and connect intentionally with one another.

Amid continued challenges this year—whether it’s navigating constant changes COVID-19 presents to us personally and in our work place, reacting to natural disasters or finding time to practice self-care—our teammates continue to be there for each other. The Week of Belonging is a forum for teammates to have meaningful conversations around belonging. During this celebration, Nov. 1–6, all teammates are encouraged to focus on Diversity & Belonging (D&B) by sharing more about themselves, participating in activities to deepen our connections and exploring what it means to really belong.

We will focus on three themes during the week:

  • “We Belong” to embrace the individual perspectives we each bring
  • “I Stand With You” to emphasize the importance of respect and supporting one another
  • “Forward Together” to celebrate the unity and resiliency of our teammates during the past year.

And, our Week of Belonging is only one part of our ongoing commitment to creating a special place where teammates and patients alike can feel they truly belong.

Earlier this year, we published our first Diversity & Belonging Report. This, along with our annual corporate social responsibility report, underscores the seriousness with which we take diversity and belonging and holds us accountable for continued progress.

We regularly review how we’re investing in teammates and fostering a sense of community—from the values and behaviors we instill to the very language we use internally in our Village. Opportunities like Week of Belonging, our training library and the D&B Report are just a few pieces of our constant commitment to one another.

As we look at the progress we’ve made against our ambitious goals, I’m optimistic for our Village’s future and our ability to bring to life our D&B vision: “a diverse Village where everyone belongs.”


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