Aug 22, 2022
Home Dialysis Patient Finds Strength Through Family and Care Team on Path to Transplant

Meet Kevin Crandle.

When he was just three days old, his mother had to bring him to the hospital to find out that he had a heart condition. That hospital trip was just the beginning of a lifelong challenge for Kevin to maintain his health. When he was nine years old, he was diagnosed with diabetes, and he needed open-heart surgery when he was a senior in high school. Then came dialysis.

As Kevin explains it, discovering he had end stage kidney disease (ESKD) and would need regular dialysis treatments or a kidney transplant opened his eyes to his responsibility in his own care. As a DaVita Home patient, Kevin isn’t alone, though. He leans on his care team, including his peritoneal dialysis (PD) nurse, Jessica, as he continues to manage his health on the path to his health goal: getting a kidney transplant.

In the video, DaVita CEO Javier Rodriguez sits down with Kevin to learn more about his journey and how he thinks about the support he has in his life.